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dentures at Jonathan K. Davis, DDS, dentist in Findlay, OH

A removable denture is a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. Dentures consist of acrylic teeth mounted to a metal or nylon framework that has been custom-fabricated to fit your mouth. Dentures are made to closely resemble the teeth you were born with, but they may even be used to improve your smile. Dentures may be either "complete" or "partial." Complete dentures are made when all of your natural teeth are gone, while partials are a perfect option when some of your natural teeth still remain. A partial denture not only fills in the gaps created by missing teeth, it may also prevent your other teeth from shifting.

Dentures can also be either “conventional” or “immediate.” A conventional type is made when the teeth you want to replace are already missing, while immediate dentures are made in advance and immediately placed right when your teeth are removed so that you are never without teeth. However, once your gum tissue heals from the extractions, an immediate denture will require additional adjustments to ensure a good fit. Dentures are very durable appliances and will last many years, but they may have to be remade, repaired, or readjusted due to normal wear.

What do dentures do?

  • Replace missing teeth

  • Restore your smile and facial tissues

  • Improve chewing, speech, and digestion

  • Keep your existing teeth from shifting

What can I expect?

The process of getting a denture requires several appointments, usually over a period of several weeks. Highly accurate impressions (models) and measurements are taken so that our laboratory can create your custom denture. Several “try-in” appointments may be necessary to determine the right shape, color, and fit. After inevitable adjustments and tweaks, your final denture should fit naturally and comfortably.

It is normal to experience increased saliva flow, some soreness, and possible speech and chewing difficulties after you first get a denture; however, these will eventually subside as your muscles and tissues acclimate. You will be given care instructions for your new denture.  Utilizing consistent cleaning techniques, maintaining good oral hygiene, and continuing regular dental visits will extend the life of your new denture.

full dentures at Jonathan K. Davis, DDS, dentist in Findlay, OH
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