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bonding at Jonathan K. Davis, DDS, dentist in Findlay, OH



Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes or repairs your teeth using composite (tooth-colored) material. Bonding is perfect if you are insecure about your smile but are looking for a less costly alternative to orthodontics or crowns. The bonding process can easily repair chipped or uneven teeth in just one visit, sometimes without requiring any anesthetic. As with most cosmetic procedures, bonding may wear and discolor over time, potentially needing to be replaced; however, bonding is also very durable and will typically last many years.  

What does bonding do?

  • Closes spaces or gaps

  • Fixes chipped teeth

  • Repairs teeth with cavities 

  • Lengthens uneven teeth

  • Protects roots exposed by receding gums

  • Restores badly discolored teeth

What can I expect?

To prepare your teeth for bonding, we will apply an etching liquid to the surface of each tooth, creating tiny crevices in the enamel that will permit better adhesion during the bonding process. Once the teeth are etched, a bonding agent is applied so that the many layers of tooth-colored composite material used to reshape or fix your teeth will stay in place. Once your smile has been reconstructed, the composite material and bonding agent are hardened with a specially-calibrated light, then buffed, smoothed, and polished to blend in with your natural teeth. 


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